Wednesday, August 10, 2011

On our way to the reunion...

Last week was our Westenskow family reunion.  I (with help from my mom) took the kids across 3 states to get them to Bryce Canyon. Our first stop was Amarillo, TX... more importantly the Don Harrington Discovery Center.  Really it's just a cool kid's museum.  They played and played and played until closing (at 4:30 - why so early?).  

Here's the photos of all the fun!

Playing with the balls!  Mhari and Clark

Sandra, Grant, and Mhari

Clark found a beach ball! - did I ever mention that Clark likes balls?

The spinning discs - Talmage, Grant, and Mhari.

The human bubble.... growing from the ring

almost covering Talmage...

Grant in the full size bubble!  Seriously awesome bubble fun!

Clark and I making a vertical bubble.

Grant and Talmage found the dinosaur dig area!

Sandra and Mhari found the face paint.  Sandra took the liberty of painting Mhari's face for her ;).

Sandra found a stage to perform on ...

and so did Clark :)

 Sandra also found the dress up clothes.  She had a blast... there was always something new to do!

They had a machine that made it so you could be in a cloud.  Here are the boys in the cloud.

Sandra's turn.

Then Clark got a turn.  Let's just say that he was super cute in the cloud!

They had some cool dinosaurs in the dino area.  The boys really loved this part... and they are running away from the t-rex in case you couldn't tell ;).

 Grant playing with the electro ball thingy.

Outside the museum after it closed.  Man, they would have stayed all night if they could!

Clark and I hanging outside the museum.  He's such a cutie!
The rest of the evening consisted of checking into the hotel, getting dinner, and swimming.  Then the kids were nice and worn out for bed.  It was a good night... and we had completed our first day of travel. 
Until tomorrow!

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