Sunday, August 14, 2011

Reunion Fun

Friday morning we ate breakfast together and then all of the families had different activities to share.  It was a fun morning!  The kids especially had a blast!

Here is Clark at breakfast eating his first apricot.  Um, he loved it and would have eaten the pit if I let him.  He had several more by the time we were done at the reunion :).

Sandra and Mhari waiting for the fun to start.  I think they are growing into some beautiful girls and they are such good friends too!

Giant Twister!  

Face painting!  Sandra later had a crown added to her decorated face :)

Clark took a nap for a while... so sweet!

Talmage got a tiger face... he really liked it!

Grant was also a tiger :)

My sister, Holly, being a human sock puppet.  Too funny... can you see her "decorations"?

Sandra and Holly playing puppets.

Clark modeling the rosettes that I was teaching.  He left it on top of his head too... probably because he couldn't tell it was there ;).

Mhari is a butterfly, oh, and don't forget the pretty fingernainls!  The only problem with the face paint is that it blocked the sun so well that Mhari still has a butterfly tan on her face - which is at least better than the butterfly sunburn it started out as!

The picture of all the kids who had their faces painted!  There was some cool stuff:  dragon, aquarium, lots of butterflies, flowers etc.!

The whole gang who made sock puppets.  They all had a great time with their puppets!

That finished the morning.  After lunch we were left to our own plans... so it was off to explore the canyon - tune in next time for Bryce Canyon pictures :)!

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