Friday, August 19, 2011

One last stop

On our way home we got stuck in a traffic jam.  At first I figured it was from construction, but with the length of the delay I realized it was from an accident.  We were delayed an hour, and after seeing the accident I could tell why.  There were two vehicles and they were both really smashed up, especially the sedan.  We later found out it was a fatality.  

Here is a picture of the truck (it was pulling a boat that was 20 yards down the road).

With that behind us...

Our last place to see on our way home was the Albuquerque, NM temple.  It was pretty hot outside, but we enjoyed walking around the temple grounds.  
Here are the kids in front of the fountain.

In front of the temple

Grant, Mhari, and Sandra


Baby and me

Trying to get a good picture as we drove away... sorry it's a little tilted.

We arrived safe and sound the next evening.  It was nice to be home after a long week of travel.

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