Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wii Party

Our family has been living life with the very basics over the last... well, forever.  Jeff and I decided it was time to get a flat screen TV that we could use it to show pictures - like a big digital photo frame, in our living room.  When we were picking out which one to get Jeff suggested that we also get a Wii for the family.  That sounded like a great plan to me :).

We had one week with our wii before school started so we tried to get some good playing time in.  Our first Wii night was for FHE and the kids weren't really good at Mario Kart, but we also got Wii Sports and they had fun with that.  

Here are some pictures of the kids bowling - some with a little help from daddy :).  



The new TV (32 inch).


and Talmage

It will be fun to have more Wii parties with the kids, they just won't be as often with the school schedule.  It's been fun to see the kids learning how to play the games :).  Jeff and I have even had some fun when the kids are in bed... even a few wii nights with friends.  Fun times ;).  

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