Wednesday, August 24, 2011


The kids are back to school and we have one in 3rd grade, one in 2nd grade, and one in Kindergarten.  They met their teachers the week before and have been excited about starting school since then!

Here they are on the big day!
Sandra, Grant, and Talmage

Talmage is in 3rd grade and has 3 teachers he switches between.  He really likes his teachers and even has lots of friends from the previous years in his class.  He has lots of goals for this year... hmm, I can only remember one:  Read at least 150 books for AR.  He is a very goal oriented kid and I'm sure he'll accomplish all he sets out to do!  

Grant is in 2nd grade and switches between two classes this year.  He has different teachers than Talmage did so that's a fun change (even though we really liked Talmage's teachers).  Grant is loving his class and his teachers - especially his home room teacher, he says they are her best class ever and that makes him happy!  His goal for the year is to not get any notes home and to do his homework!  He's a great kid. 

Sandra is officially in kindergarten.  She likes her teacher, as do we.  She only has a couple of friends from her pre-k class so that makes her sad.  Her goal this year is to read really well and make lots of new friends.  I got a note from her teacher yesterday about how Sandra had a great 2nd day of school and wrote a story all by herself.  Sandra was very pleased with herself.  We're looking forward to Sandra really blossoming in reading and writing this year ;).

It's nice to have the routine back and the little ones are enjoying their day, even if Mhari asks lots of times when it's time to go get the older kids from school :).  The days are going by fast.  Happy back to school schedule everyone!


Tink said...

I can't believe Sandra is in Kindergarten already!! Where did the time go? Your kids are growing up so fast!

Donelle said...

Happy back to school!