Friday, August 19, 2011

Baby accomplishments!

Baby has been growing up so fast.  He keeps doing new things and before I know it he'll be too big to call "Baby."  Here is an update of some of his "accomplishments."

He knows how to throw a fit... he even crawled under the stools and throw a fit!

He was so darn cute doing it too ;)

He is also a great thief.  Maybe that's not something to be proud of, but how can you help it when he's so cute!  Oh, and he's a trash thiefer... maybe the better term would be dumpster diver - see, not really a thief at all.  
He got the celery out of the trash (it had been left out from dinner and just wasn't worth keeping, unless you're a baby).

He really had a good time with it too!

Even got some chewing in on it too (I know, gross, sorry for the baby eating from the trash picture).

This one really doesn't count as an accomplishment, but just too cute not to share :).  Every one of our babies has a picture in Jeff's Michigan hat.  Well, I guess we forgot about it when he was younger so we did it now.  Let's just say he's not as cooperative with having hats on his head anymore.  It's fun to take them off though!

Just before he grabbed the hat.

When I shower the girls, Baby gets to hang with Daddy so he stays out of the way.  This night Daddy was on the bed so Baby was cuddled up next to him with his toothbrush.  By the time I was done with the girls Baby was asleep!  

What a handsome little Baby!

OK, last one:  I discovered this one because he was being too quiet and I went to see what he was up to.

Baby has figured out how to climb the stool in the bathroom.  He was super cute up there playing with the toothbrushes!

I wondered why he was so excited about it.

until I saw that he was enjoying seeing himself in the mirror.  He was so proud of himself!

Now he just needs to learn how to get off the stool!  He gets stuck up there now ;).  Silly Baby!

Clark is so great and we just love him!  I hope you enjoyed our little baby update ;)

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Alli said...

What a fun kid! It was cool to see your family reunion adventures! It looks like you guys had a great time :)