Monday, August 17, 2009

Growing Up

It's amazing to me how quickly kids grow up! This summer has gone by fast and the kids sure have "grown" during it too!

We went to ride bikes last week. Here is some of their progress...

Grant is doing really well. He is so focused when he rides that sometimes he almost hits someone or something, but no real accidents yet.

Sandra can ride a bike! Yeah! It seems like pushing those pedals has been tricky the last few times, but this time she figured it out and had a great time!

Talmage is doing great too. He will probably be getting his training wheels off soon because he is balancing so well!
I'm sure if we took the kids more often this would progress more quickly, but such is life :).

Mhari hanging out with Daddy. Too cute not to share :)

Mhari can ride the kids scooter. She was pretty mad for a while that I didn't let her ride a bike, but she finally got over it and rode the scooter. She is so cute when she rides, so slow, but still doing it!

Then she'll walk with the scooter. Even cuter. Little kids are great to watch as they try to figure it all out! Even funner when they actually do it too!!

Mhari has discovered baby dolls. It's very cute to see her love and try to take care of her baby. She is not the best mommy yet (dragging the baby around the house by it's arm), but she has some time before she'll be a mommy with her own babies!

Mhari also wants to do somersaults. She needs some help though. Good thing Daddy is such a good helper!

Good job Punkin!

Talmage with a hen. He was sitting holding it on his lap and petting it. Jeff snuck a picture through the window :). He was too cute. He is usually really good with them and it's funny to see him treat them so much like a pet.

They really do grow up fast don't they :)! I'm glad we get to try to capture these events so that way I can remember how much they have grown and keep the memories fresh!


Miche' said...

Such cute kids! How fun is that! Thanks for sharing!

Alli said...

Good job kids! You'll be ready for the x-games in no time! said...

Mhari is sooooo cute on that scooter!:)