Friday, January 13, 2012


Clark loves to cuddle blankets, animals, pretty much anything soft.  I find him playing with the ribbons on stuffed bears necks, and such.  Too funny.  One evening after cleaning the kitchen Clark was playing with the swiffer (he is such a good helper) and part of the white cloth had come undone and he was on the floor cuddling it.  It was so cute.  By the time I got the camera he sat up and smiled... but he was still cute ;)

The kids all love their daddy.  I love that they love makes me smile :).  The girls were having fun cuddling Jeff and let's just say that Clark needed in on the action.  I think he get's jealous.

Such a cutie!

Clark getting in on the cuddling action!

So sweet!  Jeff is actually patting his back with his hands... I think Clark really likes that!

Love them!

This year our church meetings are at 1 pm so we get home in time for dinner... and the kids miss out on quiet time.  Mhari was so tired she fell asleep in the car during the 5 min car ride home.  

Let's just say that Clark loves his sister.  He likes her to be awake and playing with him too ;)

A couple of days later Mhari wasn't feeling well.  She literally was laying on the floor not wanting to do anything...

Clark thought she was being cute and decided to copy her.  He's cute :)

I love that my kids are so sweet and love each other.  Clark is at such a fun age... so cuddly and sweet.  It's fun to see how much little ones want to be like their siblings!  I love my cuddly kids!