Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Kids - Just Dance!

The last day with the cousins the kids played wii.  It had been a busy time and funny that it took that long to pull out the video games.  The boys had lots of fun doing a monster truck game and then the girls got to do Just Dance for kids.  I knew Sandra would love it so I'm so glad they had the chance to play.

Here are the girls rocking the dance moves ;) (do you see Talmage in the background?)

They were so cute to watch!

After a little bit one of the girls got tired and Talmage decided to give it a try.  He had previously whined about it and said he didn't want to do it so it was funny that he volunteered to play.  I think watching the girls made him feel like it wouldn't be that bad.  Once he did it he kept playing.  It was awesome.  He isn't that good with rhythm so it was fun to see him get into it and get practice.  We may need this game just to help give him confidence with dancing ;).

Oh, and let's not leave out the baby.  Clark loves the wii, but we usually don't let him play with the wiimotes.  This game isn't affected by the buttons if it's not the one in charge so Clark was able to play along with the big kids too!

He's going to be too good at electronics way too early!
By the way, Sandra rocked the dancing game.  Everyone had gotten tired and stopped, but Sandra was still dancing away!  She is such a fun girl - I love that she loves to dance ;)

I'm glad the kids had a great time with each other.  They were so good and it was great to let the cousins have so much time hanging out!!  It's just too bad we don't still live close to each other!

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