Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Merry Christmas :)

We have been pretty busy over the break.  First we had to prepare for Christmas - somehow amid all of the crazy birthdays and such there was stuff I hadn't gotten done yet, then it was family in town for a birthday and baptism... very busy indeed... but that's another post, or two :).

But we did have a very nice low key Christmas.  We decided to open most of our presents on Saturday so the kids could have more time to play and enjoy them since Christmas was on Sunday.  Jeff and I did outside stuff for the kids - a tether ball with pole, new swings, and a new circle swing.  They have been playing so much outside and it's been really nice :).  

Here are some of the presents the kids opened from family...

girls with clothes

boys with science kits and experiments ;)

girls painting horses

Clark with his new noisy toy - driving everywhere!

Boys doing a new game

Every year we trade names for Christmas to do a more personal home made gift... here's how that turned out:

Clark got socktopuses from Mommy :)

The boys got rock monsters from the girls

Sandra got an eagle from Grant (with lots of help from Mommy)

Daddy got waterproof matches from Talmage

Mhari got flowers for her hair from Daddy

Modeling the pink flower

All the kids also got a new animal from us.  Oh, and I got a night of Daddy giving Clark a bath from Clark... so thoughtful... and it's already been redeemed :) 

Christmas is always fun to get new things and the kids really enjoyed the fun of giving to each other too.  We hope everyone else had a very Merry Christmas!

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