Tuesday, July 10, 2012


While in Arizona we did a little reunion day.  Here are the family pictures from the gathering.
Nathan and Tiffany & kids

Our family

Michelle and Jonathan

Aaron & Leann and kids

All the grand kids with their birth number 

The whole family

Grandpa with all the girls

Grandpa with all the boys

The original family :)

The siblings... trying to hold Aaron

Holding Michelle instead ;)
More pics of the fun activities coming next


Machelle said...

So fun and such great memories. I do have to ask are all those things on the shelves cookie jars? That is quite a collection. A sidenote. I think your brother and sister are in the ward now.

Sharla said...

Hey Machelle! Yes those are all cookie jars, and just a small sampling of her collection at that :). And, Yes my brother Joe and his wife are now in your ward. I'm excited to have family back in the ward! They are great and I hope you guys enjoy them!