Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fun Times with Grandparents

While Jeff's parents were in town the kids had a blast.  We also ended up with a Grandpa-do list which we really appreciated the help with.  Grandpa fixed some light switches, outlets, and a leaky sink.  

It was cute to see Clark want to "help" Grandpa with the sink ;).  Such a cutie.  He did so great with the company too!  Clark has really started warming up to other people.  That didn't stop them from bribing him with food... I'm sure he didn't mind either!

Grandpa blowing on Clark's tummy

Blowing on his feet

Grant joining in on the fun.  Clark really loved all of the extra attention!  He was so cute!

Grandma holding Clark.  Sorry it was a bad picture of Clark, but the other one was blurry :(.  
Looking forward to spending more time with family over the summer!

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