Thursday, May 5, 2016

Blue Man Group!

While we were in Vegas we scheduled several shows to take the kids to.  Our first show was The Blue Man Group!  We had seen it when we went to Vegas for our anniversary and we knew the kids would love it too!  This was probably the most expensive show we went to, but it was by far the best one!  Our kids laughed and laughed!  At one point the audience around us was staring at our kids because they were laughing so hard!  If you ever end up in Vegas I would totally recommend going to the Blue Man Group show!

Here is Lorna and I before the show started.

After the show the Blue Men hang out to visit with the audience and take pictures!  We got some fun group shots and best of all we got some real blue paint as a souvenir!

Mhari getting her blue!

Talmage getting Blue!

 Close up on Mhari!


Lorna and Me

 We loved getting to have our own blue paint... even if some of the kids washed it off right away :)

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