Friday, May 6, 2016

Show Time!

We saw several shows while we were in Vegas.  One of the shows we went to was Nathan Burton.  He is a Magician and we weren't allowed to take pictures during his show.  The best part was when Matt came and picked Clark to help him.  He levitated Clark!  It was so cool!  Clark didn't even know what was happening.  He just thought he was laying down the whole time.  It was too bad they didn't take pictures of Clark because we would have bought one!

The other show we went to was Paul Zerdin. We had been following the show "America's Got Talent" and Paul had just won during the fall of 2015.  The kids really loved him.  I knew we had to take the kids when we went to Vegas!  He was funny, but it turned into a lot of adult humor so it wasn't as kid friendly.  That was really a disappointment.  The kids still had a good time, but I wouldn't spend the money again on that show. 

We got moved up closer right before the show started.  It was nice to have good seats.  It also shows how many people were not at his show... if you could move a family of 8 up a whole section!

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