Monday, April 25, 2011

10 months!!

Our little baby is growing up... already 10 months old! Clark is still such a joy in our family. He has really started becoming more independent and figuring out some fun stuff.

Here he is practicing getting down. He does well at being up and at being down, but the transitions are still slow and awkward. I think this is an area he has really improved on!

Here is Clark showing off how well he stands, and pulls himself up to stand! He thinks he can walk too, but he has no balance so that's going to be a little longer to figure out (thankfully).

He is also talking more and more. Last night the boys said he was saying "mama" in bed (when he was sad). That is the newest sound. He does dada and baba really well :). He loves to spit, and make other silly noises (like blowing air out). He loves to play with Mhari and will follow her around the house (it's like a chase game for Mhari).

He has also been growing more...
25 lbs
31 inches - according to mommy's measurements.

It won't be long before he's throwing fits, telling me "No!" and running away from me ;(. They really do grow up so fast! I love that he's so easy going and happy!!

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