Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Another Smartie!

So a while back I did a post called "Smart Kids Wear Glasses" and now it's time to add to my smart kids list... or kids who get to wear glasses, you pick :).

Grant has been having trouble reading the clock from across the room and the hymn numbers in the chapel... these are our signs that the kid is needing glasses. He was checked at school and the nurse sent the note home. Yup, he needed glasses.

He had his apt and within a couple of days his glasses were in. I sent Jeff to the Dr. apt so it was a surprise to me to see what Grant had picked out.

Here he is :)

They are actually a shiny silver, but the photo makes them look dark. Sorry for the confusion.
He is happy about them and now the trick will be to take good care of them. Grant is a little rambunctious and so I'm concerned how long it will be before the glasses need repairing.

We love our smarties!

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Cindy Killebrew said...

He sure looks smart! I love the new family photo too.