Saturday, January 10, 2009

Smart kids wear glasses

Jeff and I both wear glasses/contacts so we were expecting the day to come for our kids to need them, just not this soon. Talmage is in Kindergarten and had been referred by the nurse to get his eyes checked (we suspected prior to this). We went this last week and sure enough he needed glasses. I guess he has a bad astigmatism in both eyes. Poor guy. He didn't want to get glasses either. He did well and liked the ones we decided on though. The store said it would be about a week for the glasses, but two days later they called saying they were ready! Hooray! Friday was his first day at school with glasses. The kids had been told he was getting glasses and everyone was excited for him (and some wanted their own).

He can see things so much better now. It's funny the things he's pointing out that he can see now (like our popcorn ceiling).
When he first put on the one's with his prescription he said he looked like Jonathan (one of his cousins, also has glasses). I thought it was funny.
Maybe this is just a sign that Talmage is just so smart he needed the glasses to go along with his intelligence :). I think he looks great with them!
At the glasses store Grant and Sandra both wanted some (of course they did, what little sibling doesn't want what the older one gets to do). We let them try some on and they both looked pretty good too. I wish I had brought the camera. Sandra was really cute in hers. I'm sure by the time it's their turn they will have figured out it's not such an exciting thing to wear glasses. Oh well.

We get the comments that Talmage and Grant look like twins a lot. Talmage even had classmates mention it. Since then he doesn't like to look like Grant. They got matching pj's for Christmas and Talmage didn't like them because he didn't want to look like a twin. Now with the glasses maybe there will be less confusion. Even they eye doc came out and almost had Grant go back for the reexamination after Talmage's eyes were dilated. Funny.

I know this is getting long, but these are important events :). Mhari has her first piggy tails! I noticed last week that her one pig tail was looking pretty thick and wondered if I could turn it into two. I tried today so I could practice before church tomorrow. I think she's so cute! I know it's hard to see in this photo...

but here it is from the back. At lest I can put one of my girls' hair in pig tails, even if it is the baby. Sandra's hair is growing out well, but will be short for sometime I'm afraid. Maybe I'll start doing baby pig tails for her too :).


Machelle said...

Hey its your blog and it can be long if you want too. Talmage looks GREAT. Tell him congrats and he is one cool dude!!!

Love the piggy tails. how cute!!

Tink said...

The fact that Talmage had glasses was one of the first things my kids reported on after church! Big news! He looks very grown up in them. And Mhari's pigtails are adorable!!

Jaime and Brent said...

The glasses look great. It is hard for kids to adjust to something new. Sandra's pig tails look so cute. I love it when they have enough hair to fix.

Alli said...

He looks very grown up and Sandra looks cute with her piggy tails.

luvmykids said...

I love the glasses. I think they make him look older. Adam said he pretended he had a problem seeing because everyone else in his family had glasses but him. Kids are funny like that! Mhari in pigtials, how cute!11

Anonymous said...

I have to say, when I saw him on Sunday I thought he was so dang cute. I have always loved glasses, and secretly wished to be a glasses model (shhhh don't tell) but he looks great and will be the envy of all the kids at school-maybe even start the new trend.