Saturday, January 24, 2009

Are you smarter than a 5 year old?

The birthday mask puzzle... any parent should be able to assemble a simple party hat/mask right? Well, we tried and did got each separate part done, but could not figure out how to get it to fit together. I figured it was missing something, or we just weren't that smart, but I was going with the first one.

I had put the hat in the recycle so that way my son wouldn't keep bringing it back to be fixed, when that obviously wasn't going to happen.

A few hours later Grant came in wearing the party mask! I was quite shocked. I had him take it off and show me how he did it. I'm still surprised the way it works. I must say I was also curious if he had done it right and what strange way he could get this thing to work.
Nope, he did it right and it looked good on him too. The string is how the two pieces stay together in case you wanted to know (I hadn't thought of that because usually the string goes around the head on things like that). Then it just rests on his ears like glasses would. Such a smart boy!
And the answer is... No, we are not smarter than a 5 year old :).

This was Grant's first Chuck E Cheese birthday party (happy birthday Adam) and Daddy went with him. I think he had a great time and he won enough tickets to bring home little rubber lizards that he shared with his brother and sister. That was the best souvenir... besides the candy, cup, and whistle :).

Such cute boys!


Aubrey said...

That totally made me laugh! You know why? Because Jon and I had the same problem! And just so you know, the package they came it DID NOT HAVE DIRECTIONS! What in the world? We totally ended up taping it together. It didn't look very good, but it worked. Apparently, I should have let Adam do it!

Alli said...

What a smart boy!

luvmykids said...

I didn't even know the two pieces went together. I thought Todd must have grabbed two because we just have been wearing the head part. I love the picture!

westen and ladawn said...

That's funny! I like the black and white's soo cute!

Machelle said...

Thats awesome. I always knew Grant was a smartie. Hows the bunny doing??

Williams Family said...

Leave it to Grant