Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas, yes it's Christmas

We had three Christmas' this year. Crazy I know. We celebrated at home before our trip. The kids had lots of homemade presents that Jeff and I worked on (wood names, pj pants, snake pillows, pillows, and capes). It was crazy getting ready for it, but the kids had a great time. Talmage figured that if we (mom and dad) filled the stockings (we don't do Santa) then who would fill ours. That's when he decided that the kids should fill ours (parents). It was very sweet. I think he has caught the spirit of giving, hopefully he can keep it! He made very sweet I love you notes for us. Grandma and Grandpa got the kids a basketball hoop for outside and little balls. They had a great time with it!
Then Christmas Eve we get together with Jeff's family for celebrations. All of the siblings exchange family gifts and Grandma and Grandpa give their gifts. It was very fun. We ended up with emergency kits for our 72 hr kits and a new calendar! The kids got personalized blankets, a new animal, and coloring books. There was also a baggie of little treats (cars, jewelry, notebooks, Slinky's, etc). So fun!
Christmas morning we had some other surprises for the kids. They enjoyed getting animal sticker books, notebooks, and other fun toys. That afternoon we went to my mom's where we exchanged gifts. We got a gift card and cars (for the boys), sleeping beauty barbie for Sandra and a toy phone for Mhari! I also got a massager and Jeff got a new hat. It was nice to hang out with some family!
I'm glad it's over, but it is always fun to look forward to. The kids had a great time, but I think their favorite present was the bunny that we got when we got home. A family in the ward was done with her so we inherited a bunny for Christmas. She is cute and doing well with the kids so far.

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