Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Vacation Fun!

We had a fun trip and enjoyed seeing family and trying to do fun things. Jeff tried to stay busy with projects for his brothers and dad and I tried to visit and see people. I didn't get to see everyone, but projects got done and visits were made. It seems so short and so long all at the same time. I will share some highlights and some photos that correlate and then there is a slide show, yep, more photos!

I had a great time going back to our old ward. There are lots of new faces, but lots of the same ones too. It is nice to feel welcome even when we haven't lived there in 2 1/2 years. The kids did great going to primary and nursery too.
I also had a great time visiting with the girls in my family. We did a girls night at my sister's house and had a great time just chatting. Games would get in the way of talking right :). It's not often we make time to spend hanging out so I'm glad there were as many of us together as there were.
There were really so many memories for me... teasing Leann, chatting with Tiffany, shopping with Michelle (wish I had bought that cute dress!), temple trip, chatting with Jeff's parents, pom poms, seeing my children have a great time... I could go on, but I'll share some fun photos now :).

Here is Mhari at my Mom's house (with my Mom in the background) on Christmas.

I just love that she is so happy and you can see her second top tooth where it had just broken through a day or two before. She did well meeting new people and enjoying the new toys!

More Mhari, I know... but she's just so cute. I think she looks like Jeff. This is her by a photo of Jeff and his siblings when they were little. Jeff is the one in the bottom left corner. No, they aren't exactly alike, but they have a certain feel that's the same. Either way I think she is beautiful. I know I'm biased, but wouldn't you be?

Then there was the snow... let's just say it wasn't as close as we were led to believe. After a while of driving we found it. Then we played, for a few minutes, before the highway patrol officer asked us to leave (we were on the side of the highway).
Well, besides all the craziness of this little trip, Grant was just too funny. He had decided that he was going to slide on his tummy like a penguin. He found a small, I mean small, hill and slid.

Then Talmage had to try. They were really cute penguins!

I must say that Grant has good form :). They had a great time and were wearing a nice slick patch to slide on too. They didn't do that the whole time, but it was still funny!
Oh, in the slide show there are photos of Mhari getting her hand prints done. She didn't like it, but it worked well with my Mother-in-law helping hold her and paint her hands. We wanted to update a hand print painting we had done a few years back.
It was fun, exhausting, and crazy, but worth the long drive (depending who you ask). We are glad to be home, but now we are back to crazy life stuff.

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Machelle said...

You're on a blog roll. I love it, Wish I could have played in the snow.