Thursday, January 15, 2009

Up do's

For mutual last night the YW were learning how to do up do's (when girls put their hair up for fancy occasions). Jeff was around and so he was practiced on. I don't know if they are trying to tell him that his original hairstyle isn't "hip" or if they just had fun doing a guys hair.

You can't tell so well from the photo, but it's like a fro hawk (seriously I don't know how to say these things let spell them) and it's coming strait to the front and sticking out in front. It isn't bad and he looks very "in". Just not the man I married :). We both agreed that it's a bit too punk for him. When he took off his tie and unbuttoned top button I had to take a picture because it fit too well with the hair style.
Just a side comment on the whole hairstyle thing... Jeff's always looked young and continues to get comments on it, but with this hairstyle I swear he could pass for 17! That just leaves me wondering how old I look.
I'm glad he's a good sport and will let the young women use him as a model (he has also had a facial from them in the past)! He's a great husband and father and we are also so proud of him for his hard work in school thus far!


randivon said...

This was so fun. What a good sport your husband is. For the record, it is faux-hawk.... like a fake mo-hawk. And we decided your husband looks like a preppy lawyer with this "do". :-)

Katie Busken said...

Cute idea for YW. I'll have to ask my girls if they'd be interested in something like that. I know Shawn won't be as willing to participate though. Fun!

EmpressOfAllSheSurveys said...

Jeff should totally rock the faux-hawk!! I keep trying to get Ira to let me do that to his hair but he won't let me. It's super easy and oh-so-fashionable!

Williams Family said...

You know I am going to say that I loved it. And I knew Jeff would be a good sport...I still have pictures of the toe painting and facials :)