Tuesday, January 13, 2009

family names

One year during girls camp we painted our names for one of the crafts. I really loved the wood names and how they were personal and cute the way they hung on the wall. I always wanted to do my family names the same way.

This is how I decorated mine :). It has faded a bit with time, but it has hung on my wall ever since and was waiting for my hunny's name to be beside it.

Last year we decided to do the names for our kids and Jeff and then also for the families we had for Christmas (Jeff's brother's family and my sister's family). We modified the pattern and got them cut out. I also had a baby last Dec which made some of our projects harder to accomplish. We got the other names done, but our family names were never finished. Well, it's another Christmas and this was on the list again (finish cutting them out and put together).

Jeff got busy on his time off and finished up the names! We gave them as just wood block letters so the kids could help pick their colors and paint them too.
We finished painting them when we got back into town. Jeff decided to try to hang them sideways instead of up and down like the previous names. They turned out well, but now my name doesn't match. Jeff figured he'll just make me a new name so we can match again :).

This is how they turned out :).

This is what Mhari's looks like on her wall. (The other bedroom has white walls still so it's not nearly as pretty to look at :)).

I like the way they turned out. The kids like their names and they each hang by their bed. It was a good project and I hope they enjoy having their names for as long as I have liked mine! (It will be fun to do my name again too, someday.)


Machelle said...

That is so cute, great idea.

randivon said...

Those are superdy cute. I think you should do them for all of your friends. :-) Haha... I am so funny.

Katie Busken said...

I still have my name too! Very cute!

Janda said...

Hey, thanks for the comment. You have got to give me some tips on this whole blogging thing. Like, I don't know where to get the cute templates you put up and stuff like that. We will definitely have to come to Texas sometime.

Amanda said...

I have mine still too! Still waiting for my own craft room to hang it in though!