Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Shark Boy!

Grant has been our "shark boy" for several months. His top tooth (left central incisor) has grown in behind the baby tooth. It was getting in pretty far and the baby tooth wasn't loosening up anymore. We decided it was time for some professional help (after our home efforts failed). The dentist took out that baby tooth and the one next to it since it was loose too. Here is the after shot (sorry no before picture). A little better angle of where the missing teeth were located and how far back his adult tooth is.

After being numb for a little while Grant was playing with his lips and made them into the shape of a banana.
Such a creative kid. Jeff took him to the dentist and Grant did a great job. I think the kids don't know they are not supposed to like dentists... maybe when they are older and they don't get prizes every time... ;)

No more shark boy!

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