Monday, March 28, 2011

The Cobras!

We are officially soccer parents. Jeff is an assistant coach for the boys team, the cobras, and I'm the supportive mom with lots of kids :). They have had 4 games so far. I think our team is pretty new to soccer, but they are learning a lot and coming a long way. So far we have lost 3 games and tied 1. We didn't even score a goal til the third game. It's nice to see them actually progressing... maybe they'll win a game soon :) The first game was freezing!!! This is what we looked like - A nice grandparent family let us bring the kids under their umbrella and cuddle with them to keep them warm. It was very cute!

Here is a close up of Clark in the blanket :).
I didn't get any pictures of the kids on that game and I kept forgetting the camera after that. This last game was also picture day so I got some good shots :).

Talmage with the ball

Talmage, Trent, and Grant

The girls play on the bleachers with other sisters while the boys play.

The team and coaches during one of the quarter breaks.

Talmage and his friend from school. The friend is there for his twin sisters game. The twins don't look anything a like... Talmage could be his twin ;)

Cute Clark! Gotta have that hat to keep the sun off him!



The team :)Let's just say I didn't want to spend $20 plus per kid to order the pics so my friend took these for me. Such a good looking group. It's been fun being in soccer and the boys really enjoy it. Fun times being a soccer family :)


Cindy Killebrew said...

Way cool that both boys are on the same team! Good luck!

Rice Family said...

How fun! Dallin just started soccer this year too! So that makes me a supportive soccer mom with tons of kids too! ;)