Friday, March 11, 2011

Cute Clark

Clark is at a really cute age. He attacks stuffed animals. He will chew them and bury his face in them. Seriously fun. Clark had Grant's tiger and was attacking it. Well, Grant didn't like that so he traded him for the monkey.

Clark liked it

but he still preferred the tiger!! Just adorable :)

We finally took pictures of him crawling.

He found the plastic baggie on the floor. That figures - :).

The other night I was checking on the kids and I just couldn't help taking a picture of Mhari. She was so cute cuddled up with her puppy.

Mhari is also at such a fun age. They are growing up so fast and I'm going to miss these moments. Such cute kids :)


Tink said...

Cute! I especially love the picture of Clark with the tiger - it looks like he's growling! (:

Katie Busken said...

I can't believe Clark is crawling. Our little guy doesn't seem to be interested in moving around at all (I guess sometimes that's a good thing). You've got some adorable little ones there!