Sunday, March 20, 2011

Family Pictures

Friday we went to the gardens to have our family pictures taken. This is the first time doing this with all 5 kids! We took over 100 pictures and there is only 1 of the whole family that I liked. Kind of sad, but I'm grateful there was 1 ;).

Here are some of the good pictures from the day:

Older kids and their pillowpets. Daddy thought it would be fun to have pictures with them :)

I figured after 10 years we ought to update our picture as well. Again, after lots of pictures there was 1 I liked. He's still so handsome after all this time :).

The hollow tree picture. The kids liked playing in the tree, until they found a bee in there with them! What cute kids :)

Here it its... the 1 picture that turned out well :).

Our beautiful kids. We just love them :).

A big Thank You to our photographer - Lisa :). Kind of hard to do family pictures without someone behind the camera ;).


JandA said...

I like the last one where everyone seems to be looking in a different direction. The kids are so big!

Cindy Killebrew said...

You guys have a beautiful family! I love Clark in the last picture sucking his thumb/finger.