Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy times together!

Kids are just amazing! They are so creative, inspiring, and they know no limits! My favorite thing about having more than 1 child is that, often, they will play nice together! Such sweet precious moments! Here are just some of the cute happy times captured in the last week or so.

Mhari is eating her cheese puffs and put them together and realized that they made a heart. Such a smarty! So cute. Everyone was enjoying this snack, but I think she figured this trick out on her own. She is so smart for a little 2 year old sometimes!

We have had these bandannas for a few months and the girls didn't do anything with them. One day Sandra finally came in asking to wear hers on her head. Then Mhari wanted one too. I felt like I should find a floor for them to scrub or something ... pretend Cinderella in all her humble beauty.

They are so fun when the enjoy doing the same things - and not fighting over them :).

One day the kids were playing and I realized they had paired up 1 boy and 1 girl together. I figured I better investigate and be sure everyone was being good :).
Grant was teaching Mhari to spin on the swing. It was very cute to watch and Mhari was getting pretty good too!

Talmage was upstairs teaching Sandra checkers. What a great big brother. He doesn't always have someone who can play the bigger games with him so he will usually play it against himself (or his animals). So sweet to see him spending time with his sister like that!

Some days I just need evidence that my kids love each other and can play without fighting :). I'm glad that overall they really do all love each other, even when they don't always get along.

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