Saturday, June 7, 2014

Happy Homeschool Day!

Our local water park, Hawaiian Falls, had a homeschool day the 1st of June!  The prices were cheaper and my kids have been dying to go so we were all excited!  We told our cousins and we met them at the park.  The park people even let us in a few minutes early ;).  

The cousins had never been to the water park so they ran off to the slides with their dad in tow (a kid at heart as well) having a blast!  Our kids soon caught up and were enjoying the park and slides too!  Nathan was even kind enough to watch the little kids so Tiffany and I could go on some slides.  It was pretty awesome!  It was fun to get to ride and not just watch the little kids.  The best part was that there was hardly anyone there and barely any lines!  After a few hours there were more people, but we really had a great time!  

I didn't even think about pictures until we were all done.  I did get a group photo :)

They had such a great day!

Mhari was so cranky when we got home.  She was exhausted from the busy day at the water park.  She finally just laid down and took a little nap before dinner.

Clark and Talmage were rolling a ball.

Lorna with her little penguin

Sandra made her own drum so she can beat to the music. 

It was a great day :). 

My favorite part of this story is the next day after Lorna got up she told me "mine."  I wasn't sure what she wanted so she took me to the laundry room.  I turned on the light and she pointed up to her swim suit and said "Mine!"  Oh, goodness!  She really wanted to go swimming again!  This little girl loves the water, even if it takes her a little while to warm up to it ;).  She's going to love swim lessons next week!

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