Sunday, June 29, 2014

Myth Busting!

Over the summer we have wanted to do some fun science stuff with the kids.  There is a Myth Busters episode that deals with Coke and Mentos and the reaction that it makes.  Tiffany and I planned the date and had the kids do the experiment for themselves.  First we watched the episode to help them understand the science behind what was happening.  Then we went out to the cul-de-sac to make it happen.

Each kid had their own coke bottle (and safety glasses) and 2 mentos.  After they were done we set up a stage of lager coke bottles to do a finale :).  

Here are the kids shots:


Cute bug









Bree and Mhari
What each of the kids' bottles looked like afterwards :)

And the Finale!  The one in the back seriously shot up huge.  

Shooting at the kids  :)

The aftermath ;)

 Later Clark was so exhausted he just went to the couch and crashed.  He is so cute ;) 

Tiffany did awesome with the camera.  While she was busy taking pictures I was taking videos.  We had a great time and even learned why they say... don't try this at home... when Tiffany got hit in the face with the erupting soda!

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