Saturday, July 12, 2014

Holiday fun!

We decided to do a project for our 4th of July celebration.  We had taken out some bushes in the front planter so it needed to be filled.  The other planters have large boulders and river rock so we decided to do the same thing in this one.  We have a small river bed on our side yard so we had to move the large rocks out and then move the river rocks over.  It took several hours, but it was nice to get it done.  

Here is moving the large rocks :)

Getting the first one hooked up

Ready to tow

Made it to the planter, but need to reposition it.... come rolling came in handy!

Time for the huge rock!  
All strapped in.

 That one was a lot further into the river rock!  You can see the dirt line and see how much the tow line was really holding onto.  So crazy!

It looks so nice!

Next project is figuring out what to do with the space we took the rock away in the yard.  We may end up with a deck or patio :).  Would be a nice gathering spot outside!

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