Saturday, July 12, 2014

Riding the Coasters!!

Tiffany and I took the kids to 6 Flags because they earned their tickes through the Six Flags reading program!  As homeschool mom's we got free tickets in too!  It was a great day and fun to share it with cousins!

Waiting in line at the Texas Giant!  This was the first time any of us had ridden this ride ;)

 Our excited faces!



Sandra chickened out at the last minute and Talmage didn't want to try at all.  They ended up in the Chicken Coop while we rode the roller coaster!  It was so awesome!

Mhari was my riding buddy :)

We went to the Superman ride.  Talmage was still not thrilled about roller coasters.  We had gotten him to ride the runaway train ride (in the dark) so the challenge was to get him to ride a bigger ride.  Tiffany challenged him to see if the penny would float as we went down on the Superman.  He took a while thinking about it. 

Mhari was just too short for the ride.  I tried to help by letting her wear my shoes on top of her own, but she was just barely too short still.  She was really bummed ;(.  Next year she will ride it though!  She really does awesome on roller coasters!

All strapped in and ready to go!  Talmage, Owen and Grant

Bree and Me.  Bree was tired and decided she wouldn't ride the ride without her mom (who was hanging out with Mhari while we rode).  She ended up getting off the ride.  I rode it all alone.

The last ride we went on was Shock Wave.  Talmage was all excited after riding Superman.  I was so happy that he was willing to try another rollercoaster.  After the ride stopped he was the first to turn around and ask if we could ride it again!  This one even had 2 loops... he had come a long way in just a few hours!

We ended up riding it three times because there was no one in line and the park was getting ready to close so it worked out well for everyone :).  

We had a great time and can't wait to go back again!

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