Sunday, July 27, 2014

Last Day and Badminton!

Our camping trip wasn't very long, but we stayed busy and had fun.  Here are the morning pictures of our last day on the mountain:

Breakfast time!


Sandra, Ella, and Lorna

Our tent and the boys behind it

Nathan and Tiff's tent with the girls behind it :)

Mhari and Bree wanted Tiffany and me to play Badminton with them.  It took a while to get them to be able to hit the birdie.  It was a hard concept because they had to coordinate to hit the birdie and then not hit it too hard.  They were doing OK and then Jeff wanted to help teach too.  I was happy to step aside and let him help out.  He was getting Mhari to hit it much better.  After a while Clark wanted to join in the fun too so Jeff taught Clark too.  It was good entertainment, even if they didn't really play Badminton ;)

Mhari and Clark

Such a good Daddy!

Tiffany and Bree

Nathan helped by holding Lorna ;)

After a while Bree wanted Nathan to help her too.  

It's great to be around and help the kids learn something new :)

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