Saturday, July 26, 2014

1st Day on the Mountain!

Once we made it up and found a campsite it was time to set up camp.  We were able to set up at one site with Nathan and Tiffany.  It was great to be so close to each other and get to really just hang out and let the kids play.  

Here is Lorna playing on a big rock at our site.  She loves to jump!

Silly girl

Sandra and Ella playing a states game


Clark enjoying the hammer.  

The boys set up a tent for themselves.  They did a great job!

They were so proud of themselves!

Mhari and Bree playing :)

The boys got volunteered to help set up the girls tent.

Clark with the camping shovel!  Such a boy!

Lorna playing catch with me :)

The girls helped with their tent a little bit.

The boys outside their tent.  It was like their front porch.  They were so cute.  They really enjoyed having their own space and getting to share a tent with their cousin!

We thought we wouldn't be able to have campfires because of fire restrictions, but once we were on the mountain we found out we could.  It's almost strange to think about camping without having a fire so I'm glad we got to enjoy the fire.  

That night we had a small fire and let the kids do smores.  

Roasting the marshmallows.

Sandra, Talmage, Clark, and Grant

Mhari, Lorna, and Ella

Daddy helping Clark

Me roasting my marshmallow ;)

Talmage - yummy

Sandra and Ella






Daddy with Clark

Lorna liked to be clean.  She developed a wipey fetish while camping.  Silly baby.  At least she wasn't as dirty as she could have been ;)

Tiffany brought bubbles for the kids.  Jeff blowing bubbles for Clark and Lorna :)

It was a great first day.  That night we heard lots of bats and other squeeky noises.  Overall everyone slept pretty well though ;).

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