Saturday, July 26, 2014

Riggs Lake

Tiffany and I took some of the kids on a walk to the lake (we could see the lake from our campsite).  It was fun to play at the water :).  

Tiffany with Clark, Bree and Mhari

Riggs Lake

Playing with the rocks.

Tiffany skipping rocks ;)

My turn!

Lots of rock throwing

Clark pegged Tiffany in the back and Mhari got her finger smashed ;(.  Lorna was there to hug her and help her feel better!

On our way back from the lake I noticed that there was a spot for a good view.  We walked over and were surprised with a beautiful view off the mountain!

I went down to a little cliff edge to get some good shots.  This is where Tiffany and Clark stayed ;)

This is where I hiked down to.

Close up!

I was so excited about the awesome view that I decided we had to come back with the family and watch the sunset :).  

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