Saturday, July 26, 2014


Sandra really wanted to learn how to whittle.  Here she is working on her piece of wood.  

Riggs Lake at sunset



The awesome sunset off the mountain!

Such a beautiful view

Family photo!

 Nathan and Tiffany and their family :)

Kids enjoying climbing on the large boulders

Tiffany and Nathan

cute bug


Our 3 handsome boys!

Our 3 beautiful girls!

Jeff and Mhari.  So sweet!


Mhari on the edge... loving the view!

Jeff - so handsome!

Tiffany and bug

 Jeff and me :) 

Kissing silhouette ;). 

Jeff and bug

Jeff, bug, and me

Lorna making a mess with her marshmallow!

Our night time visitor... the skunk!  Luckily he didn't spray our camp!

It was a perfect night enjoying the sunset, eating marshmallows and cuddling into bed!

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