Saturday, July 26, 2014

Summer Vacation!

We planned a trip to Mnt. Graham for our summer vacation.  We had planned to meet up with Jeff's siblings and let the kids have some great cousin time.  Not everyone was able to make the trip, but we still headed out and met up with Nathan and Tiffany and their kids.  We left really early on Friday morning so we would have time to visit the cemetery in Central and still make it up the mountain to camp that night.  When we pulled into Safford Gus, our Excursion, died.  It was pretty frustrating to be so close to what we wanted to do and be stuck.  He finally started, but we weren't comfortable heading up the mountain with a truck that wasn't running well.  We decided to stay in town for the night and head up the mountain in the morning.  We found a hotel and hung out with the kids. 

Here is Lorna trying on Clark's shoes ;).

Daddy cuddling with Clark.  Clark is ready with some of the money for the tip for our pizza dinner!

Grant and Sandra watching a survivor show on cable.  It was very interesting ;)

Talmage, Daddy, Mhari, and Clark

Daddy cuddling with Mhari and Sandra for bed

Lorna and Clark slept on the pullout bed.  They did so good!

In the morning we headed out to the local mechanic, that we were told could deal with diesel engines.  After getting there and the guy realized that Gus is a diesel he decided he couldn't really do much for us in the short amount of time we had.  Gus was running better and cooled off after the long drive the day before.  We decided to head up the mountain and get him checked out when we got back to Texas.  Luckily for us Gus worked and the rest of the trip was incident free.  

Before driving up the mountain we drove by my Grandparent's old house:

The pink house (well it used to be pink anyway)

The cemetery:

My grandparents 

The kdis by my dad's grave.

Close up of the headstone 

My great grandparents. 

The view of the mountain from the cemetery

The Gila Valley Temple.  It was finished in 2010 

It was finally time to get onto the mountain.  Nathan and Tiffany followed us up.  Nathan gets motion sickness and the mountain road really made him nauseous.  Tiffany was also really anxious.  We didn't think the road was that bad and on the way up the steep mountain road Clark and Lorna fell asleep. I love how cute Clark is when he sleeps!  Such a sweet boy!

Well after a little vehicle drama and seeing some family sights we made it up to Riggs Lake!  We were so ready to be up in the cool mountain air!

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