Saturday, July 26, 2014

Game Time!

We had lots of fun playing games while on the mountain.  We threw the football, played badminton, played dice games and board games.  It was lots of fun!  Here are some pictures of the games ;).

Lorna is so silly.  She found a new home for her flashlight :).

The adults playing dito.


Bree and Mhari playing Badminton

The boys... I think they are doing the monkey tails game.

Me with Lorna while playing dito

Ella and Lorna.  Jeff shared his hat ;)

Jeff was so fun to play games with.  It is sometimes shocking how aggressive he can be.  He had the funnest expressions and was very intense ;).  

More badminton

Silly Clark

The kids playing a villain game.  

Tiffany and me ;)

Bree and Owen 


Ella and Sandra

More Jeff faces ...

Jeff beat Tiffany on this round.  :)

I don't think we've ever had so much time to hang out and play games!

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