Saturday, July 12, 2014

Birds of Prey!

Our local nature park hosted a Birds of Prey event this Saturday.  I took the kids while Jeff was helping a family from the ward move.  

There were lots of birds and people to talk to.  The kids had a great time!  

Here is the Red Shouldered Hawk.  Mhari and Talmage are listening to the lady talk about him. 

The barn owl

The Bard Owl

The Screech Owl.  It is the smallest owl and has great camouflage : )

This is the Peregrine Falcon!  So cool!

 Another of the Screech Owl.  It can turn it's head around 270 degrees and has twice as many vertebrae as humans!  

There were some cool stuff at the tables.  Grant and Mhari are checking out Hawk wings, talons, and feathers.  

The wing

Sandra being attacked by the hawk talon!

So cool!

There was a Mississippi Kite bird was also there.  It would eat grasshoppers if the kids caught them they could feed the bird.  Such great motivation to catch some grasshoppers ;).  

Here is Grant with his grasshopper ;)

Feeding the bird!

Sandra's turn

Talmage's grasshopper

Feeding the bird.

Mhari even caught her own grasshopper!

Feeding the Kite

Mhari was chatting and teaching this guy all about Bumblebee Bats.  It was so cute to listen to her.  She even remembered quite a few facts.  It's so great to see the kids love learning!

Yay for great programs!

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