Saturday, June 7, 2014

While the Grandparents are here...

We usually have projects to do when the grandparents are in town.  They like to do things and help out around the house and there always seems to be some project waiting to get done.  

The night before they left we decided to get some yard work done.  Jeff and the boys worked on a cypress tree we had been wanting out and I was trimming bushes.  Grandma took some time hacking away at the huge pompass grass and then worked on some other bushes.  Grandpa helped out too and was the one working by the time I decided to snap some photos :).  

Grandpa trimming away! 

The girls helping with the trimmings

Talmage working the rake

Grant learning how to swing a pick :)

All of the boys pulling on the trunk

Jeff clearing out the last roots!

The kids helping to bend the trunk of the tree to get the roots to snap.

Grandpa was helping and the root snapped and he went down... right on top of Grant.  Everyone was fine, but that was a close call (if you look closely you can see Grant behind Grandpa).

Grant showing off the trunk :)

Jeff with our hard working kiddos :)

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