Sunday, May 18, 2014

Hong Kong!

Every year there is an annual INTA meeting where patent and trademark attorneys meet and attend courses.  This year Jeff decided he wanted to go so that he could make contacts with other attorneys throughout the world.  This is a great opportunity since patents are often filed in more than just one country so having good foreign associates is a key Jeff wanted to tap into.  The conference ran over Mother's Day and my birthday so it was really nice that Jeff decided to take me along too ;).  It was good to be away with him, but also great to see the conference, help promote him, as well as remember how much work goes on during a conference. 

I was able to arrange meetings with other attorneys while we were there.  We met people from Africa, Chili, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Oman, and more!  It was great to meet with others who have the same type of common goals!  We met with almost 15 different people during the first 2 days.  Just that part was exhausting in itself.  The last day we attended a breakfast for solo/duo attorneys.  That was great because it was such a nice relaxed atmosphere with other similar attorneys to make contacts with as well!

On our last day, Wednesday, we went out to lunch with an attorney from Australia and his wife.  That was really fun.  Then we rode the ferry across the harbor and went to a local market.  I can't say that we had a great time seeing Hong Kong since we didn't see too much of it.  We did start to get used to the metro system and walking paths.  It is amazing how many people are out on the streets.  Everyone lives so close together too!  Life is different in Hong Kong.  I think my favorite parts while there was the bakery shops and the beautiful skyline pictures!  The parts I really appreciated coming back to America for was the amazing air conditioning, my comfortable bed, US electrical system wattage - my curling iron actually gets hot!

Here are some pictures of our trip!

The Grand Hyatt Hotel.  Right next to the convention center.  We met a guy here one day.  It had awesome wifi :)

Out to dinner for my birthday.  We found a nice Argentine Steak house (long story about dinner).  The food was amazing, even if it was pricey. 

My handsome dinner date!

Our food

We ended up eating at McDonald's a couple of times.  This one was right off the main walking path.

The buildings.  It was so strange to see these old apartment buildings next to these nice new buildings.  Everything is so close together ... it feels so crazy.

View from the ferry

Night view of the sky line.  I love the way the light reflected up onto the clouds.

Looking over the roadway from the walking path.

Hong Kong airport

Hong Kong island.  I loved that boat with the red sails!

Riding the ferry

view from the ferry :)

More night views

Some high end shopping we walked by on the way to temple market

More day views of the skyline

The cool trees along the road

Not sure the next time we will make it to Hong Kong, but it was a neat experience, even if we are still recovering from the 13 hour time change!

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Such a fun experience!!