Saturday, June 7, 2014

Reclaiming the yard

Well, maybe not the yard per se... more like the driveway, but I'm going to include the yard stuff too ;).  

After living in our house for over a year we decided it was time to get our Excursion into the 3rd car garage.  It is extra deep and the only space he can fit into with his animal killer grill.  It also requires folding his mirrors in and driving very carefully through the single bay door.  These are some of  the reasons that has held us back for all this time.  Well, we really wanted to take advantage of our huge driveway and let the kids have more space for basketball and bikes etc.  Plus it just looks better when the cars are in the garage.  

Well, after a few hours of rearranging the stuff in the garage it was time to put Gus to the test....

And he FIT!  Yay!

There is even room to wiggle around his nose if we needed to get to the stuff on those shelves.  It was a nice accomplishment ... even if it seems small.

Doesn't the house look so nice :).  We still have our old F250 that needs a home, but he can hang out in the cul-de-sac for now.  Anyone looking for an old truck? 

It was also time to mow.  We have been teaching Talmage how to mow and this is his second time doing the backyard.  It is nice to have kids old enough to help out with some of the bigger chores :).  

He's such a good little worker!

Mhari wanted to take Nibbles on a walk.  He is such a cute little bunny!  I just had to take some photos of our Foo Foo!

Pretty bunny

Lorna loves him too!

We really enjoy our house and our awesome yard.  It's nice that our little bunny gets to enjoy it too ;).  

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