Tuesday, February 18, 2014

4 out of 6

Our poor kids got the stomach bug.   4 out of 6 of them came down with it over a 2 day period.  Little Clark started us off.  He made the biggest mess because I wasn't expecting it.  He also took a while to get over it because he would start eating when I wasn't around.  

It was not a fun weekend, but we stayed quarantined in our house so that we didn't share the germs.  Even though we were at home I heard of several other families in the area with the same bug.  Looks like this is a bad year for sicknesses ;(.

Here is Mhari during her down time.  So sad.

Poor bug started with it Sunday night.  Let's just say that she got me twice ;(.  I am surprised I survived the sickness without becoming a victim too.  
She was a cute little sick bug, but I felt so bad for her.    


Sandra was the last victim.  She was old enough to at least have a bowl handy when she really didn't feel good.  She also took care of herself in the middle of the night.  I was so worn out that it was great to start sleeping through the night.  Now here's hoping it doesn't strike for round 2 (which I hear some friends have done already :().

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