Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Happy Valentines Day!

For Valentines Day Jeff and I gave the kids little stuffed animals :).  They love animals and I'm sure it won't last forever.  Grandma and Grandpa sent a package of balloons earlier in the week so that was awesome.  Today Grandma Whitmer's package arrived.  Otherwise it was a pretty normal day...

We did our science experiments, cleaned the house, went to the library, and the boys did math.  It actually felt like a forever day.  That night Jeff and I did go buy a frame for a new picture that we got for the house.  

Here is Sandra doing her heat experiment with sugar.  It was cool to see it melt on the spoon. 

That night I made pizza and figured it would be fun to do them in heart shapes ;)

Really round heart ;)

Hope everyone had a sweet day ;)

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