Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Six Flags Day!

The kids earned free Six Flags tickets from the school again this year.  We invited some friends from school and brought our awesome friend Kayla with us too.  We were a pretty big group with lots of different personalities.  It seemed like it took longer to decide what to do, but everyone had a friend to hang out with so that was fun too.  We had a fun time... here are some of the pictures from our afternoon/evening together:

Our group

Talmage and his friend Nathaniel

 Grant and his friend Gabriel

 Trying to not get wet on the roaring rapids ride.  The kids got a little wet... I got soaked!

The swings...


The rest of us...

From my angle

 Kayla and Sadnra

The bobsled ride :)
 Yay for Six Flags and reading lots of books :)

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