Monday, June 10, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

OK, so there are times that I get so annoyed at myself.  I helped the kids make this awesome huge banner for Jeff for Father's Day... everything was great.  It was a fun surprise and we even left it up for the week.  I took several photos of it to remember.  Jeff cleaned it up Saturday before company came over and I didn't think much of it... until I went to retrieve the photos of it... 

Let's just say that I only have half of the banner :(.  It had all of the kids and I with our arms out connected together and it said "Happy Father's Day!  We Love You This Much!"  I am really bummed because Grant made his shirt look really awesome, he's got some good drawing skills!  He has a Perry the platypus shirt and he made Perry on the banner too.  Oh well,  I guess I'll do better the next time we do a fun project.  Sorry Hunny.

The kids also came up with a skit for Jeff.  They had fun practicing all week.  The kids each said an Indian name and then Grant told a story about a squirrel that helped stop a raging forest fire.  The sound didn't work well when I videoed the kids so that's another bummer.  They did a good job trying to do something fun for Jeff!

Happy Father's Day Hunny!  We love you!!!!

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