Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Splashing with Friends!

We met up with the cousins and our friends, the Meyers, to play at the splash pad!  All of the kids really love each other so it is great to get together!  I tried to walk around and take some fun photos of the kids.  


Owen and Ella

Abby and Sandra getting Talmage with the water.

Talmage and Ella with the water bucket


The kids were sucking up the water in their mouths and then spitting it back out.  It was seriously so gross to watch.  I had them stop after I took photo evidence ;).

Owen, Clark and Mhari


Grant helping one of the twins with the monkey bars.  

Such a good kid!

Lorna's turn!

She is so happy to be getting to do the monkey bars!  

It was a fun day together!  We are sure glad we get to hang out with such awesome friends!

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