Monday, August 25, 2008

Starting School

The day has finally come to start school. I'm not sure that the two boys smiles have the same enthusiasm, but I guess that may be expected. Jeff officially started school last week and was busy with school stuff weeks before that. He is starting his first year of law school so this is a big transition for our family. He likes it and is keeping up thus far on his classes. That is a good thing since we hear that the first year is the killer year!

Here is our first born so excited to start school this morning! Talmage has been counting down the days and was very fast about getting ready to go. He likes his class and teacher and has a friend from church in another class that he played with on the playground. After school he said that his favorite day is a school day. I sware he was made for school!

I told him to give me a big "I love kindergarten smile" and here it is! Jeff dropped him off and walked him into class and I picked him up (thanks again Maria for the help). It was so fun to see him in class raising his hand, sitting on the rug, and following instructions. Yes it's only the first day and I'm sure he won't love every minute of school, but so far so good :)!

His teacher had a goodie bag and a certificate for all of the kids in his class for doing such a great job on their first day! We are so happy for Talmage and look forward to many more days, months, and years of good school experiences :).


ladawnw said...

yay for school! I can't believe Talmage is in Kindergarten already. What a cute picture of him! That is awesome Jeff is doing good in his classes so far.

Jaime Jarman said...

I love the picture of Talmage. I am so glad that he had a great first day. I think that is so important. I hope that all goes well this year for Jeff in law school.

Katie Busken said...

Shawn went through law school and survived! The first year was the hardest. After that though, Shawn wrote for the main law journal for the university and that took up a lot of his time. He just took the bar exam and we're waiting for the results (we'll get them on Oct. 31). Good luck to Jeff this year!

luvmykids said...

Great pictures! Good luck you two!!

nellsq said...

Good luck to both of your boys! The time will fly and Jeff will be done before you know it:)