Sunday, August 3, 2008

Garden Surprise!

So I was out watering and weeding the other day and I found a hidden surprise. Underneath the cucumber leaves was this huge cucumber. I hadn't seen it growing or anything, just bam there it was. I know from the picture it is hard to see how large it actually is so....

I took this photo to give you a size comparison. This one was seriously as large as one from the grocery store, if not bigger! I'm sure that I'm not the best gardener, but it felt good to grow something that I could actually eat (and was not a puny little sample of a vegetable)!

Isn't it so pretty cut up! It sure was good and Talmage and Grant liked it too. Maybe our garden has more surprises in store. I sure was grateful for this one though!

1 comment:

Amber Joy said...

Cucumbers from the garden are the best! It's about the only thing I'll eat from the garden--I'm weird. But Yay for you :)