Thursday, July 31, 2008

From Truck to Trailer

Yes it's true, we have sold the old truck. It was a good truck for weekend jobs, but having it on the street became a problem (we have to move it every 5 days or we could get ticketed). It was my Dad's old truck so it was special - good reminder of him. However, with the cutting costs and going back to school we decided to sell the truck and buy a small trailer instead. That way we aren't putting gas into the truck and we can still do weekend jobs if needed.

Jeff found this little home made trailer at a yard sale down the street. It is in good condition and fits on the driveway along with the merc parked in front of it. We usually have the tarp over it to protect it from the weather :).

Isn't it cute? It is nice to not have to worry about being ticketed anyways :).

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nellsq said...

I'm sad to see the truch go...but hey, we can so take advantage of that trailor. Hope you plan on lending it out! We had a cute little trailor that Randy built, but it got left in AZ!