Friday, July 11, 2008

Outside stuff

For some reason my kids have not been playing outside very much recently, maybe the heat had something to do with it... Then it all changed this week and it was magic :). They were happy to go outside and asked to keep going outside. Here are just a few pics of some of the fun they have had.
The bricks standing up are supposed to be tall grass. They were pretending it was a jungle like "Jungle Book" ~ It's funny to me to see them reinacting movies, but I think that's what I used to do as a kid so it's fitting.
The wood lying down has little plastic pieces on one edge. I was wondering what it was for and then I saw what Talmage was doing...

This is an action shot of him about to catapult the plastic things off the wood. It's neat to see their creative minds at work. That entertained him for a couple of hours I think. I'm glad no one was hurt from it either!

Look at my pretty garden. I have been keeping up on watering it and trying to keep the weeds out. I can't say we have had much food produced yet, but there is still time, right? We do have a few ears of corn growing as well as some cucumbers so that is fun to see! Hopefully we will get to enjoy them soon enough (instead of them dying or the birds eating them).

Sandra likes to play with the boys outside. One of her favorite things is swinging. She is really good at hanging on the circle swing too. If she had her way I would spend every moment pushing her on the swings!

So our bird houses had not been put up yet and the kids were waiting for Daddy to have some time to do it. In the mean time they took the houses outside to play. They ended up making homes for the houses out of the excess brick in our yard. There are two in the bigger one and Sandra's is enclosed in the other one. They are trying to keep the cats out with the wood and such. I tried to explain that birds won't live on the ground, but I don't think they believe me.

Jeff successfully put up the bird houses today and the kids are very happy they are up! Sorry no photos of that :)

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